Luke Evans reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

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These guys know everything worth knowing and not worth knowing about transits! Very informative and very helpful, have used Matt and the team at Just Transits since 2013 and will continue to keep them as my first point of contact for parts and repairs!

Rc Hicks reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 22 October 2015 ·

Good service had a few bits now and very happy

Ian Anwar


reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 19 February 2016 ·

Highly recommend just transits would 100% use again !!!!

Rob Smith


reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 4 December 2015 ·

Fair play to Matt for giving some gearbox bolts for free, very helpful.

Medi Hektic Naderzade

reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 16 March 2016 ·

All top blokes, very helpful and they don't rip you off!! Great banter too!!

Linda Cramp


2 months ago-

Really helpful and good prices.

Paul Morris


10 months ago-

Hi all
Had abs problems so took my van to just transits and got it sorted with there help ...MoreHi all
Had abs problems so took my van to just transits and got it sorted with there help
Thay will give it to you straight no if or but  and get the job done
Wound recommend them to all
Many thanks.

Richard Hanson


reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 9 November 2016 ·

Excellent service everyone loves to help you

Nathan Darrah

reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 3 October 2016 ·

Great service from just transits. Highly recommended to anyone who needs transit parts

Terry Staff


2 years ago-

I have used Just Transits for many years and can honestly say they are the best transit second hand parts supplier in the country.  You will not get a better service or a better price anywhere else and their knowledge is unmatched.  Go nowhere else.

Chris Lay from Auto 400


reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 15 September 2016 ·

Excellent service. Had a bulkhead replaced in my connect yesterday. Very happy with the results. Will certainly deal with again and would heartily recommend!

Robb Nunn


in the last week-

Always great friendly service

George Baldock

reviewed Just Transits – 5 star

· 3 January at 16:26 ·

Very glad we found these guys, they really helped us out, fantastic , helpful service, would highly recommend for any transit related problems

Yasmin D'souza

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reviewed Just Transits – 4 star

9 January at 21:51 ·

I bought a truck off just transits at a good price great motor very happy and all the staff are great and look after you as much as they can

Lloyd Buttler


a year ago-

The boys here are heros. Have helped me out a number of times. Excellent knowledge of parts and fixing all things transit. great range of security products fitted there too.

Petter Heffer

Waltham abbey

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