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Ford Transit and Transit Connect rear door loom gaurd

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Available for both the Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Connect, the Loom Guard shields the exposed and vulnerable central locking wires which can be seen from the exterior and easily cut.

In 2000 when the new Ford Transit was first launched the ECU was programmed that if the rear door loom was cut it would unlock all the doors. Thieves soon noticed this vulnerability and Ford swiftly corrected it. But still thieves attempt to cut the loom to gain access to the vehicle. If thieves successfully break in by cutting the loom, not only will it give the owner a costly bill, the inconvenience of the doors not being able to unlock means access to the load area is restricted.

Constructed from solid Aluminium coated in white durable powder coat makes the LoomGuard extremely strong and offers great protection to an otherwise vulnerable area.

The Ford Connect also has this vulnerability with the front doors and the loom between the Cab door/wing is just as vulnerable. We have designed and produced a bespoke plate for the front cab doors that shields the loom from attack.
Our LoomGuard is a perfect solution to this threat and is only a small price to pay to protect your van and prevent this from happening.

Key Features:

  • Instant Protection
  • No user input required to ensure protection
  • Solid aluminium construction ensures maximum protection
  • Bright visual deterrent
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